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Spamming Course + Tools

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Spamming Course + Tools

What's included in this pack?

Tutorials -

▫️Spamming explained ▫️How to make letters ▫️How to encrypt letters ▫️How to make letters deliver to Inbox ▫️Making professional letters using NVU ▫️How to filter emails ▫️How to get leads by yourself ▫️How to spam

Tools -

▫️Letter Encrypter ▫️SQLI Tools

Sender Tools -

  1. SendBlaster Pro
  2. FastMailer Full Version
  3. PHP Mailers
  4. Cazmailer
  5. XleetMailer And more...

Phishing Sites -

  1. Netflix
  2. Amazon
  3. Chase
  4. PayPal
  5. WellsFargo

Letter Templates -

  1. Spotify
  2. Chase
  3. Paypal (5 templates)
  4. WellsFargo
  5. Bank of America

Additional -

▫️ Offshore bulletproof hosting providers list. ▫️ Tips for spamming



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